Below are a list of some of the artists from the Webcomic Factory’s past.


GREG EALES (artist for Sports Guys)

DON EDWARDS (artist for Olde Tyme Gamer)

DAVE WINDETT (artist for Comic Book Mafia, Pages 1 to 64)

EDDIE JENSEN (former artist for digital hobo, from 9/24/11 to 1/21/12)

IVAN CORTEZ (artist for Gentlemen’s Club)

JUAN PABLO WANSIDLER (former artist for Olde Tyme Gamer, Strips 1 to 9)

JUSTIN STEWART (former artist for In a Relationship, Strips 1 to 8 )

MARK SMITH (artist for Kingdom of the Dwarves)


NICK JUSTUS (artist for Pin Junkies)


NOCKIMAN (former artist for digital hobo Strips 1 thru 6)

LETTERER (Comic Book Mafia, Japanese Schoolgirls in Love)




TIM RACADIO (artist for Tales of Pizza)

TOM KURZANSKI (artist for Post Apocalyptic Nick)


TOMMY PHILLIPS (artist for The Horror of Colony of 6)