Hi, I’m Tony DiGerolamo, author of The Pineys. I spent most of my life studying the stories of the Jersey Devil and the Pine Barrens. Let me bring those stories to you and your guests in an entertaining and informative tale of legends, lore, ghosts, pirates and local history. Book me for your event!

I do talks all over South Jersey at libraries, breweries, wineries, distilleries, restaurants, pubs, comic book conventions and bookstores. I spent 15 years doing stand up and improv, so I’m quick on my feet and good at joking around. For my very reasonable fee, I’ll come out and perform for you and friends at your private event! This is a package only for private events, i.e. parties and whatnot, libraries, conventions and businesses are different.

What do you get with a booking? Here’s the package. I’ll show up in my hunting outfit that you see here and stay at your party/event for up to four hours. I’ll put on a fun show talking about the origins of the Jersey Devil, some South Jersey folklore and history. Part 2 of my talk is about local ghosts and pirates that originated in the area and I’ll be happy to answer questions and talk to your guests.

My fee is just $1 for every year of the Jersey Devil legend, so that’s $289. But with that, I’ll throw in 13 copies of the Jersey Devil comic book and ten copies of The Pineys books! That’s a $114.84 value, so it’s really like you’re paying me half that much. And if you want, I’ll bring all my books and comics to sell if you think it would be appropriate for your guests.

So if you want unique entertainment at your next shindig, drop me an email and book a date. We’ll make sure it doesn’t conflict with any of my current events. Hope to hear from you soon, cuz! See you in the Pines!