Top Menu:  Above the comic is the top menu.  If you see an arrow next to the menu category, a drop menu should appear if you place your cursor over it.

The current comic:  Each comic is posted at midnight and usually stays on the front page for 24 hours.  There are arrows at the bottom to move through that particular comic’s history.  If you click “Prev” (short for Previous), you go back one comic.  If you click “First”, you will got to the first comic in that particularly series.  If you click “Next” when it’s highlighted in yellow, you will move forward one comic and if you click “Last” when it’s highlighted in yellow, you will get to the most current comic of that particular series.  If the words “Next” and “Last” are white and you can’t click them, then you are already at the most current comic in that series.

The Comics:  We usually have about 7 to 9 webcomics updating at a time.  Most post weekly, depending on the schedule of our artists.  Many of them are freelancers with other commitments, which is something we encourage here.  Occasionally, they need a break and some move on to other work entirely.  If you click on one of the thumbnails below the current comic, it will take you to the last page we posted in the series of that particular comic.

BLUE is a weekly comic.  These are our anchors.  Only in dire emergencies do we miss a day with these comics.  We may rotate them in and out of the line up into the other categories for a time.

PURPLE is an active comic.  That means we update it, but it’s not on the regular schedule right now.  Think of it as our pinch hitters that have to step in once and while (or whenever we’re inspired!)

GREEN is a paused comic.  It isn’t currently updated, but we haven’t finished it yet.  We’re probably looking for a new artist to take it over.  If you’re interested artist, email Tony.

Finally, BLACK is a finished comic.  The story is complete.  Any sequels will probably be listed under a separate heading in the future.

Affiliates:  Affiliates are other websites where we can also advertise our sponsors. They are located on the top of the left side, just under the comic on the front page.

Friends of the Factory:  These are links to our close associates along with other websites the Christian and Tony own.

Donation Button/Vote:  These buttons are below our Project Wonderful ads on the left side.  The donation button allows us to take donations to keep the Factory running and the other buttons are vote buttons for various webcomic list sites.

Link Buddies:  These are fellow webcomic sites that have linked to us.  If you’d like to be a link buddy, send Tony an email with your site’s URL.  If you’re willing to link The Webcomic Factory and Super Frat, we’ll certainly consider your kind offer.  We used to have a “Friends” page, but we felt it better to just put everything on the front page under link buddies.

Our Sponsors:  Sponsor banners appear either on the top (in lieu of the Project Wonderful ads) or on the right middle just under the thumbnails of our comics.

Archive:  If you’re having trouble finding a specific comic, visit the Archive, which can be accessed at the Top Menu.  The Archive lists every comic we’ve posted.  Some of the dates got messed up during some maintenance and we had to repost them, but most the dates are accurate.