Hey Factory Fans!

Due to the sheer volume and diversity of our library, I created this page to help you further navigate our webcomics.  First, let’s start with the easy comics.  The first list is a list of webcomics that are all one story.  If there’s only one link, it’s the title and it will lead you to page one.  Either there’s not enough pages or strips to warrant a chapter division or I haven’t finished adding extra links yet.  This will be an ongoing project to help you navigate our library.


Narrative Webcomics

  As the Mayo Turns

Comic Book Mafia


 digital hobo

The Gentlemens’ Club

Gun Culture

The Horror of Colony 6

Intergalactic Medical Doctor

Japanese Schoolgirls in Love

The Kingdom of the Dwarves

The Kings of Viral Video

Lester Crenshaw is Dead


Miserable Comedians

Olde Tyme Gamer

Pin Junkies

Post Apocalyptic Nick

Tales of Pizza

Weird Biker Tales

Willy’s Space Dive


Stand Alone Webcomics

These next comics are stand alone style strips, so I split them up by year and quarter.

The Antiwar Comic

East Coast vs. West Coast

In A Relationship

 I Hate My Kids

So Many Nightmares

Sports Guys

Tony Destructo