I was born in Brooklyn, N.Y. and also lived in Queens a good while and I’ve been a comic book fan practically all of my life to my recollection. The medium never ceased to hold my attention and aspired me to one day be a cartoonist. According to my family at the time, it wasn’t until the age of 6 that it dawned on them I had a talent for drawing (as if doodling pictures on anything I could get my hands on wasn’t a clue enough).

As I grew older, and studied my craft, my interests never waned and inevitably I migrated south to take an art instructor job at the Memphis College Of Art for a few years (drawing & painting and cartooning), became an ad artist for a while with a well known chain of food stores and met my wife who’s been most supportive of my madness despite not always understanding my love for this stuff. We currently reside in Dallas, Tx. and we have a son who appears to have taken the art gene from me and has won quite a few art contests on his own accord and at a very young age.
I’ve worked on quite a few books over the years but many may know me best from the SHYLOCK comic series which is an on-going title that I’m writing and pencilling now, I did a couple of stories in the graphic novel by Mike SanGiacomo named TALES OF THE STARLIGHT DRIVE-IN published by Image Comics and various little art projects for Viper Comics. I also have other irons in the fire on a few projects I’m working on for self-publishing and I teach Cartooning classes in various parts of the city to kids and adults.
To be honest, I wasn’t very piqued with webcomics despite constantly hearing from colleagues that it was the “new wave” of where comics were headed. That’s not a knock against this burgeoning approach, it’s just that for me, there’s nothing like actually holding a comic in your hands and flipping the pages while being in awe of the panel art as I read the stories. There’s just an intrinsic value to that that will always stay with me and I hope others feel the same as well. Now that I have an opportunity to work on another branch of the genre, I hope to convey in my work some of the influences that I found endearing growing up reading comic books, hopefully to a new generation of fans while keeping familiar faces happy.  I am very grateful to be a part of a very talented band of writers & artists here.

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