What is the Webcomic Factory?

Basically it’s a high end, webcomic hub.  Our concept is to post a new webcomic every day.  We haven’t missed a day since we started back in April of 2010.

Who makes the comics on WF?

The comics are written or co-written by Tony DiGerolamo who runs the day-to-day operation of the site.  His co-writer is the co-founder of the website, Christian Beranek.  The art is done by a variety of artists from all over the world.

How often do you update the site and the comics?

The site is updated on a daily basis.  The individual comics are usually updated weekly.  Many of our artists are professional freelancers, so they sometimes have to take bigger money gigs for a time.  The goal is to post a new comic every day.  Although some comics stop for a while, most are open ended.  We do have a few comics that ended on a chapter or were designed to end at a predetermined point, but we don’t rule out sequels either.

My favorite comic is one of them!  When will it start up again?!

That will be announced as soon as we know for sure that we can update on a regular basis.  Sometimes there will be announcements in the blog.  We can’t always reveal every gritty detail, but we try to keep our readers informed.

Will you post my comic on your site?

That depends on what you have to offer.  Do you already have an established fan base to bring to the table?  Are you looking to invest capital into our company?  Webcomics is a low-overhead business and it gets easier and easier every day to do it yourself.  If you need us, we probably don’t want you and if you don’t need us you probably don’t want us.  We love to do link exchanges.  You can email Tony and ask.  We are always looking to exchange links with other talented creators.

What about becoming an Affiliate site?

That’s a possibility.  It would meaning sharing ad revenue.  Again, email Tony and ask.  It never hurts to ask.  Make sure you include a link.

How do I become a sponsor?

Email Tony and he’ll forward you a rate card.  We also rent out our content.  For a fee, you can run one of our webcomics on your site to attract customers.

If I become a sponsor, where does the ad run?

It would run in place of one of the Project Wonderful ads we have on the site.  Currently, we have two banner ads near the top of both The Webcomic Factory and Super Frat.  And we have square ones on the side.

Why should I pay a flat rate for an ad when your Project Wonderful prices fluctuate?

We cannot guarantee you won’t be out-bidded on Project Wonderful ad.  Plus, Tony personally endorses sponsors in the blog and in his YouTube videos.  That’s a personal touch that few other websites offer.

Do you need any artists?

Always.  Email Tony a link to your portfolio and he’ll check it out when he gets some time.

Do you need any writers?

Not at this time.  Tony and Christian have plenty of projects of their own they are working on.

How can I get in touch with Christian Beranek or one of your artists?

It’s best you Email Tony first.  He’ll be sure to forward your info.

Is it possible to hire one of your artists?  What do they cost?

Sure!  We don’t negotiate their prices, but we are happy to forward them potential work.

I’m a fan and I want to help!  How can I help the Webcomic Factory succeed?

Glad you asked helpful fan!  The best way is to share the links with your friends via social media.  There are links beneath the comics.  You can also donate money to us.  There’s a donate button on the side if you scroll down.

I want to buy something.  Do you have anything to sell?

Yes.   The menu across the top has a store category, which pulls down a menu of the store sections.  You can also go to the Super Frat site and clicking Buy Stuff.  You can also go to Tony’s store and buy some of his print comics.

Can I send you a manuscript/script/comic to get your evaluation?

Only if you’re willing to pay for that evaluation.  It’s not that we don’t like aspiring creators, we just don’t have the time.  We recommend that you read what’s out there and visit webcomic communities like The Webcomic List.  Websites like these often have forums where you can post to get feedback and good advice.

Hey, didn’t you guys used to have a forum?

Yeah, we took it down because it seemed everyone preferred to post in the Comments section.  For now, we’re sticking with that.

I have a complaint!  Who do I complain to?

We welcome constructive criticism, but if you’re just going to whine that you don’t like something, we’re not really interested.  We like to maintain a positive atmosphere on the website.  If you don’t like one comic, try another.  We’re constantly changing the site so eventually there will be something you like.

How can I interview you or one of your talent?

We love to do interviews to help promote the site.  Email Tony and he’ll make the arrangements.