Hi, everyone! I’m Mary Sigona George and I am… an art-oholic.  I had always loved drawing ever since I was 5 years old. I started to learn the trade by attending such schools like the Art Lab at Snug Harbor Cultural Center, the Art Studio of Staten Island, the Art School of Minneapolis, and Wagner College where I acquired a Bachelors degree in… well… art. As a student I advanced in many skills such as drawing with ink, pastel, and charcoal, painting with acrylic, oil, and watercolor, sculpting, and using graphic design with Adobe tools such as Photoshop, Dream weaver, and Flash.

After my years of schooling, I began to teach art and display my work at multiple locations. In 2009, my artwork was featured in the Wagner College Union Gallery with   several other artists. I had another series shown at Wagner in April of 2010. In July of 2010, my art was exhibited at the Everything Goes Cafe on Staten Island. In addition to   this, I worked for a few comedy groups, creating advertisements for their shows. One company was Soul Joel Productions where I used my graphic design talents to create flyers and pamphlets for various events in New Jersey and New York as well as logos for their radio show. I also did the same for another comedy group called Happy Birthday Comedy in Staten Island.

In my spare time, I wrote stories, animated, developed my own characters, and eventually made my own comics/webcomics. Eventually this hobby became a way of life and now I have 2 self-published comics sold in New York and 3 webcomics that I update every week: The Tales of Lev (www.talesoflev.thecomicseries.com), The Dreamcatcher (www.nightmaresbeware.thecomicseries.com), and Blacktail and Marz (www.blacktailandmarz.thecomicseries.com).

With both my webcomics and art, I hope to entertain you, make you laugh, and maybe even open your eyes to the dark but wonderful world all around us. If you’d like to see more or my work (animations, comics, or just everyday drawings/sculptures), you can also check out my website: www.bizarremoonart.com.