J.Travis Smith was born some where in VA…sometime in the late 20th century.  His early dreams,and aspirations were to become an astronaut/cowboy.  He worked incredibly hard to achieve this goal…most of his early life…when alas…his young heart was crushed when he discovered the concepts of gravity,and oxygen.  Always a precocious youngster he quickly decided to pursue more illustrious goals such as zombie wrangling,and folk thrash metal,but again only to find his heart broken by hitting a brick wall.
But it was then that he picked up something odd he found at a supermarket called a “comic book”.  This weird,strange thing intrigued him.He read,and read all he could find until one day he thought the only thing better than reading comics is drawing them.He picked up a pencil…put it to paper,and hasn’t stopped yet.
He has been published by companies such as Grayhaven comics, Redleaf comics, and has worked with a number of note worthy writers including an Eagle award winner…and of course the Webcomic Factory.
He currently lives in WV with his dog who,despite his many shortcomings,”thinks he’s a pretty decent guy.”…direct quote.

Visit Travis’ deviant art page here.