NICHOLAS RAIMO (artist for Dealers)

Nicholas Raimo is an Italian comic artist/illustrator born in 1987.   He graduated in 2005 from the Comic School “Scuola Chiavarese del Fumetto” in Sestri Levante, Italy, after the three years of studies. He never stopped drawing, and at last his passion has become a job.   He started work as a professional artist as illustrator for the SerialKillerCalendar Company, in 2009.  Now he’s working on some indipendent comic books and he’s having his first experience on webcomics with “Dealers”.
You can follow his works on his devianART page at this link: or you can take a look at his Online Portfolio by clicking on this link:
“I’ve always loved comics, and to tell you the truth, printed comics.  I like the smell of the printed paper in my hands and the feeling it gives to me, but I have to say that now, in the Digital Era, webcomics are the consequent evolution of the comic book media.  It gives many benefits to a lot of people, from the reader, that with a click can instantly read his fave comic, to the artists, writers and so on, who can more easily find their way into them. And, well.. without talking of the biggest benefit of all I guess.  No printing costs…”