NOCKIMAN (artist for digital hobo)

Hi everybody! I´m Nockiman, I´ve 26 years old and since I was a teen when I was introduced to digital art.  I start drawing at age 15 and  I don´t pass a day without continuing to perfect my art. I work very hard to perfect my craft and to keep my style unique!

I create my own worlds when drawing.  This it´s the principal reason for which I make my art .  From time immemorial, humans have had a need to show art on the walls of caves to tell his story. Now 60,000 thousand years later we continue doing the same thing but on computer.

Webcomics are, for me, a friendly and intimate way to reach readers.  It´s different from a monthly comic.  Sometimes people like the web and sometimes they have to have the print version.   I see the webcomic as an evolution in the art.  Speaking of art, you can check out my other stuff at my blog spot here: