I’m Henrik Magnusson, born 1986 in Karlskrona, Sweden where I’ve lived for most of my life. I’m a lifelong comic book fan and I think that there are two defining moments in my upbringing that really brought it about.  The first one when I was around 10, and discovered Calvin And Hobbes, and the second as a teenager, when I discovered the satirical Swedish comic Arne Anka, the most known work of my idol Charlie Christensen.  I’ve spent most of my life making comics, I had a stint doing political satire cartoons for a local newspaper in 06-07.  Currently I draw a comic called City Lights for a collaborative magazine, a dark parody on the life in Swedish cities, as well as posting my other work online. Having been brought up on both Swedish and American comics, I consider myself having been influenced by both, and after discovering webcomics when I stumbled across Penny Arcade in 2003, it opened up new ideas to explore. Anyone who wants to see more of my work can visit either my DA, or my Drunk Duck account.
I also dabble in writing, mostly cartoon and comic book history and trivia, as well as about my interest in pro wrestling.