Jerry S. Loomis currently hails from Austin, TX and has been active in comics fandom since the pre-internet days of the 1980s, when he answered a letter column ad in the back of a Justice League comic for the Booster Brigade.  After honing his skills in the trenches of various Amateur Press Associations, Jerry got his first break in comics in 1999 when he got his first comic art published in Shanda the Panda. A graduate of Lamar University with a BFA in Studio Art, Jerry quit his graphic design job at a local print shop to pursue freelance art full time in 2001.  Jerry’s published comic credits include art chores for SFA’s Atomic Mouse, Katmandu, Medics: Code 3 Special, Shanda the Panda, Shanda Giant Animal, Furry Ninja High School, Quinn the Raccoon, and Night Tiger.

Jerry’s Deviant Art Page

Homepage for Shanda Fantasy Arts, publisher of Atomic Mouse, Katmandu, Medics, Shanda the Panda, Furry Ninja High School, Quinn