All right,  I started drawing when I was about 4, mostly copying stuff on food wrapping paper, stuff like Donald Magazines n shit.  In first grade I used to copy shit and make it bigger, so say you had this tiny parrot in a Donald magazine I’d fill the entire paper.  Then the after school, the assistant teacher would take it to the copier and duplicate it so that all the kids could color it in if they wanted to. I didn’t really draw alot before I turned 11, maybe some warhammer monsters here and there.   I mostly wrote “epic” fantasy tales maybe I’d do some designs of the characters and whatnot, but not much drawing.

However when I turned 11 I entered the world of the internet.  I started playing mmorpgs (like most) and I made my money in the game by designing signatures like those little wide pictures in the bottom of forum posts in photoshop for players that were way better at the game than me.   And then I stumbled on a site called drunkduck and saw comics online and I was like “yeah, comics, I could do that.” so I did a comic version of one of my “books” called “Alone in the Middle Ages” and I’ve pretty much been doing comics online since then.

I made a comic for real at a local newspaper.  I ran this series called Robot for maybe 25 weeks.  So I feel that my work has matured alot more now, and I’m working on my own comic as well. I’m about about 20 pages into the script. It’s called Dragonslayer and is about this world where Monster hunters are like rockstars of the world.  Girls go crazy over them, hotel owners can’t stand them. Y’know the drill.  Anyways the main character gets called off to a kingdom to defeat a dragon that stole the princess in a classic tale.  However it turns out the Princess escaped like a year ago, and what they want is vengeance.  The princess insists on trailing along on the journey to see that the deed is done. This isn’t really a fantasy story though, more a story set in a different world entirely. Uh.. other than that I have 3 years of art college, and I’m working on passing a class I failed at said college so that I can move on the a Comic/picture story class at a university in Sweden after the summer.

Eddie’s Work on Drunk Duck

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