So I was working at one of my pizza jobs when this order came.  Back in those days, we had no GPS, just paper maps in the van in case we got lost.  So I had to deliver to this brand new housing development, which of course, was not on the map yet.  I got lost and stopped at a payphone to call the store.  I got directions from my idiot supervisor who, on the last turn said “turn”.  Not “right”, not “left” just “turn”.  I asked him, “Which way?”  He said, “It doesn’t matter.”  I said, “It totally does matter, you moron!  Which way?!”  He finally said “right” in a way which I knew was just him guessing.

So I got to the intersection and both left and right was a dirt road.  This was because the housing development was new and the road hadn’t been paved yet.  I, of course, went right.  After about a block, I realized I had driven on an ATV dirt road full of dirt ramps and puddles to jump in my pizza van.  The road was not meant for cars and I was pretty sure any attempt to turn around would probably get me stuck.   So I slammed on the gas and drove my way through the course, came out the other end, drove all the way back to the beginning, turned the other way and delivered the pizza.