Welcome to the premiere of Tales of Pizza!  The Webcomic Factory’s latest webcomic.

Now first, for all you Dealers fans, calm down.  Nicholas Raimo is taking a much needed break to get caught up on some things, so he and the rest of the Dealers crew want me to assure you, things will be resuming after three weeks.  I know some of the comics on the site have stopped for much longer than we planned, but this is not the case for Dealers.  It’s completely scripted and Nicholas just needed a little break.  So everybody be cool.

Tales of Pizza is illustrated by new artist (applause and welcome) Tim Racadio!  It is based on my adventures as a pizza delivery boy and this first strip is pretty much exactly what happened on one of my runs.  Mitch is the world’s angriest delivery boy and there will be more to come.  (Remember, we honor all coupons, but only if you tell the driver ahead of time.)