Hey Factory Fans!

Bullies were weird to begin with, but the term “bullying” is even weirder to me.  Bullies were always these transparent people that need to push people around because it was the only way to feel good about themselves.  Turning it into a verb has made it so anyone can be accused of bullying for doing anything even mildly forceful.  But it’s not the one-time act of a kid getting frustrated that defines a bully, it’s the low self-esteem that does.  So addressing the action and not the cause is like addressing just the symptom and not the disease.  That’s why bullies don’t need physical force to bully.  They can do it online, verbally or even just through a look.

I don’t have the cure for bullying, but neither does anyone.  You can’t cure weakness in humans, so you’re not going to eliminate low self-esteem any time soon.  Best you can do is just try to be nice to people and protect the weak as best you can.  Like a superhero.

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And the Quote of the Day is from Benjamin Disraeli:

Courage is fire, and bullying is smoke.