Name: Willy

First AppearanceWilly’s Space Dive #1

Description: Willy is the owner of Willy’s Space Dock (although the locals insist on calling it Willy’s Space Dive).  The bar is located on level 23 of the space station that orbits Uranus, which is usually the last stop for travelers heading out of the galaxy.  Willy is human, but interacts mainly with an alien clientele.  This was something he wanted after leaving Earth, but the novelty of meeting alien lifeforms has long since worn off on him.  Like any bartender, he’s a good listener and wants to serve his customers.  Unfortunately, they are often wildly unpredictable because of their extremely alien backgrounds.

Willy has a crush on a sex android named Trixie that frequents the station.  His best customer is an alien named Mois, who spends an inordinate amount of time in the bar.