Hey Factory Fans!

There’s a weird sort of conformity in the entertainment world when it comes to political thinking.  There is the “right” way of thinking and then the “wrong” way.  I mean, it’s a risk to talk about any politics when your a creative person because fans immediately associate your politics with the project.  They often can’t separate the two.  And since politics hits people at such an emotional level sometimes, they have an emotional reaction to what they see as the enemy.  So people in entertainment know to keep their politics to themselves, until one day they slip in an interview or just don’t care any more.

I think that’s kind of a shame because it deadens the political discourse.  I mean, you shouldn’t get your political views from an actor, but certainly if actors had more varying political views those views would naturally get more press.  So anyway, if you’d like to discuss today’s strip (or quote) feel free to comment, but keep it civil people!  Let’s all be nice!

At Super Frat, it’s a new strip call Always the Reaction.

Validation is also new.

The Quote of the Day is from John Stossel:

“We cannot legislate prosperity. When we increase minimum wages by legislative fiat, we kill jobs. Government creates nothing but what it has first taken away.”