Hey Factory Fans!

Today’s Super Frat is about the banners on Sigma Nu in Virginia.  Look, I know frats can be obnoxious.  Hell, when I was in college, we used to make fun of frats and called them and the jocks “Sluggos”.  We’d make fun of how stupid and drunk they normally were.  But there are stupid and drunk people everywhere and this faux self-righteousness is way more appalling.  These banners were up on private frat houses, off campus.  Basically the college is saying, “Either think and act within the careful confines we’ve created or get out.”  Not exactly a message of free thinking and experimentation.  Because free thinking also requires you to go down wrong roads, realize how wrong they are and then come back.  Now it’s another media frenzy over something that could be settled by someone from the college walking down to the house and saying, “Hey, guys.  Mind taking down the banners?  We’re getting complaints and it’s making the college look bad.”  Sadly, that probably won’t be good enough and media outlets will pile on, the college will grind down the frat and frats, until they perceive all their bad publicity as being gone.  It’s not about the uniform application of rules, campus safety or even the initially complaint—  It’s all about the college’s PR and therefore bottom line, in my opinion.

Anyhow, enough soapbox.  Today, check out Winter of Discontent.

And the Quote of the Day is from Lou Holtz:

“Never tell your problems to anyone…20% don’t care and the other 80% are glad you have them.”