Hey Factory Fans!

I’ve been playing Clash of Clans and I’ve been dying to do a webcomic about it.  Thus, today, we bring back Old Tyme Gamer!  Just so you know, I didn’t really get my nephew in trouble.  He did that to himself, but he still beat me in the trophy race we were having.

At Super Frat is a list I may have done a second time, Ten Things You’ll Never See on a Lay’s Potato Chip.  This one is probably way different.

And the Quote of the Day is from Demetri Martin:

“I like video games, but they are very violent. I want to create a video game in which you have to help all the characters who have died in the other games. ‘Hey, man, what are you playing?’ ‘Super Busy Hospital. Could you leave me alone? I’m performing surgery! This guy got shot in the head, like, 27 times!'”