Hey Factory Fans!

I avoided texting for so long.  Partly because I had such an old cellphone and before that, I refused to even get a cellphone.  But like the rest of you, I buckled under the heel of convenient technology and now I just can’t stop.  Speaking of which, better check my Clash of Clans game.

At Super Frat, it’s a new strip called Veteran Stoners.

Do you like role-playing games?  I worked on one called Mythos Arcanum, which is currently raising money for their Kickstarter campaign.

And speaking of money, don’t forget to check out our long time sponsor, MyDiGitalComics.com.  Most of the downloads are free!

And the Quote of the Day is from Nick Cave:

“Texting is apocalyptic on some level. It’s a reduction of things.”