Hey Factory Fans!

Cosplay is in the geek news again.  I covered this myself over at Super Frat here and here.  Are cosplayers killing sales?  Well, not by themselves.  Certainly, no one is able to buy comics when they’re wearing a skin tight outfit with no wallet and you can’t carry swag when you’re carrying a giant fake, laser rifle from video game.  But cons have been sliding down hill for a while.  It’s not only turning towards cosplay, but to autographs, wrestlers and every con organizer wants film, music and TV stars on hand too.  At first, I was all about broadening the appeal of shows, but things have swung so far the other way, comic are getting marginalized.

It’s time to rethink the con and what it’s about.  And it’s definitely time to design a better webcomic con.

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And the Quote of the Day is from Paul Stanley:

“Don’t kid yourself; the guy who’s onstage in ripped-up jeans is wearing as much a costume as I am.