Name: Tony D

First Appearance: Comic Book Mafia #1

Description: Tony D is the Enforcer for the Lead Pipe Organization.  Known for his maniacal violence against fanboys and retailers that stiff him, he is the “crazy one” that the comic book publishing families know not to cross.  Based on comic book publisher, Tony DiGerolamo, Tony D was once a wide-eyed, naive publisher looking to do good.  Unfortunately, after the General’s daughter broke his heart, he turned bitter and violent, blaming the fanboys in part for destroying their relationship.

As a key member of Lead Pipe, Tony D also makes his share of deals, but while CB’s tend to be large and overt, Tony D’s are almost all very shady and some have not monetary value at all.  When one fanboy suggested because this was Tony D’s love of comic, D nearly beat him to death with a cardboard standee of Mr. Freeze from the Joel Schumacker Batman movie.  Like CB, Tony D has a long history, but being a self-taught publisher, D had to make a lot of mistakes (and enemies) along the way as he climbed to the top.