Name: CB

First Appearance: Comic Book Mafia #1

Description: CB is based on the real life comic book publisher, Christian Beranek, and is an exaggerated version of his real personality.  As the CEO and face of Lead Pipe Entertainment, CB maintains a pretty solid front as a legitimate comics publisher.  Spending most of his days drinking vodka, cavorting with his Asian bodyguards and making huge comic book deals, he keeps the money flowing into the Lead Pipe Organization.

CB initially learned many of the arcane secrets of comic book publishing from his mentor, The General.  Unfortunately, the General returned to try and kill him using Manga Comic Book Maneuvers.  But CB, having surpassed his master by also learning American Comic Book Martial Arts, defeated the General with the aid of the rest of his cohorts.

Rumored to have started one of the biggest variant cover counterfeiting schemes on the East Coast, CB’s vast fortune is constantly being drained due to the lack of profitability of all comic books.  Although a gangster at heart, he does live by a code of CB “ethics”, which currently involves not sleeping with Lead Pipe interns.  Whether or not his hedonistic lifestyle will lead him to break this promise remains to be seen.