Name: Vic

First Appearance: Miserable Comedians #2

Description: It’s difficult to know where Vic’s comedy ends and his hatred for humanity begins.  Bitter beyond belief, he lives in a perpetual state of jealousy, lashing out at those who might be more talented.  Vic is actually very funny, but never knows when to stop.  He’s been known to ruin gigs because he’s insulted night club owners, agents and bookers just to get a laugh.

Vic is almost never without a cigarette and alcoholic drink in his hand.  He may have a problem, but if you wanted to help him, expect that he’d spend most of the time insulting you relentlessly.  Vic is friends with Donner because he once got laid because Donner’s handsomeness attracted a lot of women.  The duo get along pretty well, sharing great joy in cutting others down.  It’s just a matter of time before one of them becomes more successful than the other and then the friendship is likely to be tested.