Friends of the Factory

Below are a list of our buddies’ websites. Keep checking as we expect the list to grow!


Addanac City (George Ford’s webcomic about a crazy town)

A Dog’s Life (A comic about dogs, by Chris)

Adriana Game Over (a few different webcomics and a blog by Adriana)

Adorable Crap (Mark Glavin’s comedy webcomic)

A Romantic Life (Nancy Roy’s webcomic about a single mom and Romance Writer.)

After Daylight (Sarah Roark’s comedy webcomic about vampires.)

And Then There Were Zombies (A zombie webcomic by Jamil and Thije)

Atomic Milkshakes (Greg Eales, artist for Sports Guys, has a hilarious webcomic!)

Bad Oranges (Jared the comedian’s funny webcomic.)

Bearman Cartoons (Comedy one shots from Cincinnati!)

Bonk! (a webcomic that’s built with video game images)

B.O.W.L. (a webcomic about bowling and drinking from Justin Mashburn)

Breaking the Ice (the webcomic of comedian John Keating)

Briar Hollow (Terry’s webcomic about a group of college friends)

The Bully’s Bully (Courtney and James’ anti-bully webcomic)

Bunny Wiggins (Jerry’s webcomic about a villainous bunny.)

Caaats (a funny webcomic about cats from Matt Gross)

Capes and Babes (from our pal, Chris Flick who appeared in Comic Book Mafia)

Cautionary Tales (Bill’s comic of black and yellow goodness.)

Celebrities! (The Hollywood webcomic.)

Champion City Comics (Tony Wright’s community of indie creators)

ChinChat Comics (Jenn’s cute little animal webcomic.)

City Folk, the Webcomic (One of Ryan’s funny webcomics)

Company Man (Frank Jordan’s webcomic about work)

Convenience Store Diet (Andrew Racho’s webcomic about geek stuff)

Corpse Run Comics (Alex’s slice of life webcomic.)

Crass Sophisticate (Jarett’s webcomic that is both crass and intelligent.)

Crowbar Benson (Sandy’s webcomic about a single dad that used to play hockey.)

Crunchy Bunches (Scott’s webcomic about a cereal mascot.)

Dairy Boy Comics (Austin’s comedy webcomic.)

Death at Your Door (Rod’s webcomic about Death as a pizza man.)

Destroyed by Robots (Paul’s comedy webcomic.)

Detective Space Cat (Matt’s comic about, well, you guessed it.)

Dinger (Strange comics from Ben Horne.)

Digital Pimp (featured on Webcomic Creator Corner)

Don’t Panic! (Andy Moore’s comic site)

Doug (our buddy, Doug Lefler, his webcomics and his movies)

Dracula vs. King Arthur

(Written by Christian and Adam Beranek, illustrated by Chris Moreno)

Dreamstruck Bill’s strange comic about a man stuck in his dream.

The Dugs (They posted a Sports Guys strip!)

Dysfunctianimals (drawn by Chris Moreno of Super Frat)

Erfworld (featured on Webcomic Creator Corner, by Rob Balder)

Fatherhood. Badly Doodled
(Peter’s webcomic about being a dad.)

The Free Ranger (a webcomic about a superhero chicken)

Funny Drawings (Phil Wong’s cartoon website)

Foreign Matter (Martin’s epic superhero comic.)

Game Stuff (Mike’s webcomic about a game store.)

Gerbil with a Jetpack 9Matt Bradshaw’s crazy webcomic.)

Get Milked (Ed Womack’s one-panel webcomic of strangeness.)

Goober and Cindy (Daniel’s comic about an adopted alien.)

The Hall Monitors (Josh’s webcomic about a band.)

Hainted Holler (from our pal, Travis Surber)

Headlocks and Headaches (Dean’s funny wrestling webcomic)

Hearts of Roese (Whitney’s webcomic about a kingdom where the people have clockwork hearts.)

The Hero Business (Bill’s webcomic about superhero PR)

Hero Happy Hour (Dan Taylor’s superhero bar comic)

Hot Mess Comic

(Based on the real-life challenges talk show host Diana Falzone lived through while growing up, Hot Mess tells the story of Anna, the new girl, who is just trying to make it out of high school intact.)

Inconsistent Comics (Erick and Glenn’s comedy webcomic)

Inglorious Hipsters (Jeremy and Gregg’s webcomic that we were into before it was cool)

The Kaci Bell Mysteries From our old pal, Dave Windett

Ker-Bop Kathleen’s fantasy webcomic

kinslayer Kickass fantasy

LaSalle’s Legacy (Here be a pirate webcomic!)

Laserfist (Josh’s comedy webcomic.)

Little Alice (Dylan’s comic about a cat girl.)

Muktuck Wolfsbeard, Hardboiled Shaman (a shamanistic webcomic by Terry Laban)

Modest Medusa Jake’s cute comic about a medusa.

Mongrel Designs Webcomic Ruben’s webcomic about an atheist liberal.

Moon Freight 3 Luke’s sci-fi comedy webcomic about two working stiffs at a space cargo inspection station.

Murdercake (Steve Lewis’s crazy webcomic.)

Mysterious Ways A webcomic about God.

Nerd Comics Nerds make comics!

New Book Day David Goodman’s webcomic about comics

Partially Clips (also by Rob)

Pea Green Coffee Cup A bio comic by Jared Cullum.

Perpendicular Universe (David’s comedy webcomic.)

The Pocalypse (A flash comic about superheroes  facing the apocalypse, by Joe)

Punching the Clock Rob and Jeff’s webcomic about working in a big store.

Quitting Time (Mike’s webcomic about a coffee shop.)

Rasputin Catamite (A messed up comic about amoral teens in the crumbling Soviet Union.  By Ram and Vas.)

Reality Amuck (Ben’s comic of commentary)

Redline Comics (our pals from Texas have a webcomic hub)

Ripped (Emma Caufield’s Jack the Ripper webcomic)

Rivertown (Robert Enders’ webcomic about a strange town.)

Robot Friday (Thomas Clemmons’ comedy webcomic )

Rock Manlyfist (Johan’s webcomic about the master of space karate)

Roger’s Blues (David Crews webcomic about a music store.)

Romantically Apocalyptic (one of the sweetest looking webcomics on the Internet)

Roy’s Boys (a buddy webcomic about the creators Ron and Sean)

Sara Sunshine (Thije’s webcomic about an actress in Hollywood.)

SCAPULA (Aidan’s webcomic about the world’s worst supervillain)

Sex, Drugs and June Cleaver (a funny bio comic about life)

Sketchy Antics (Eric’s comedy webcomic.)
Sluggy Freelance (our pal, Pete Abrams’ long running webcomic)

Smolemon Greg’s comedy webcomic.

Small Market Sports (a sports webcomic by Bill Charbonneau)

Space Pest Removal (sort of like Billy the Exterminator in Space)

Sparkshooter (Troy and Sarah’s comic about a band)

Sock Puppet Army (about restaurant workers by Nick Hamilton, sadly, defunct.  Nick, if you have a new site, email me.)

Spud Comics (a comedy webcomic by Lonnie)

Stale Bacon (Kevin’s comic about everything and nothing.)

Step 3 Comics (BJ and Eric’s comedy webcomic.)

SubCulture (about a comic book store, by Kevin Freeman)

Super Haters (Nick and Brian’s comic about some strange and funny superheroes.)

Tangent Artists (another webcomic hub)

The Servants (Robert’s webcomic about people dealing with weird and awful customers)

The System (Rosscott uses the symbols from bathroom doors and wet floor signs to make a unique webcomic unlike no other!)

Time Wounds All Heels (A webcomic about relationships by Scott and Nicole)

Titanzer (Kevin’s webcomic about a man and his giant robot that saves the world.)

Tomversation (One panel goodness from Tom)

The Devil’s Panties (our pal, Jennie Breeden’s webcomic)

Tripp (Bill’s webcomic about an LSD trip that never ends.)

Victory (a superhero webcomic by Chris V)

Wannabe Heroes (Jayson Kretzer’s superhero webcomic)

Without Moonlight
is a spy drama in WW 2 Nazi occupied Greece.

Woo Hooligan!  (Sam’s funny webcomic.)

Zorphert and Fred (Dawn Griffin’s comic about two aliens)

Other Sites

Lead Pipe Entertainment YouTube Channel

Zombie Murder Explosion Die (A most awesome zombie cartoon)