So, quick story.  Back in the day, a friend of mine used to have an internship with his dad’s company.  (Not me, dad, someone else’s kid, I swear.)  Anyhow, you could not get fired at this summer coop job, no matter what you did.  We—  I mean, they would skip out of work to go to mall, get food and goof off.

But there was one intern that was way worse than anyone.  He had already been caught sleeping under his desk, stealing office supplies and all kinds of stuff.  One day, he’s working the inventory audit when he walks into this room and finds a piece of radar equipment the company makes.  He decides to take it apart to see how it works.  After about an hour, the engineer walks in on him and freaks out.  He had to spend the rest of his internship working payroll because it was a department where he’d be forced to sit at a desk in the same room as actual employees who would watch him.  Still didn’t get fired.