Hey Factory Fans!

It continues to amaze me that people who are obsessed with comicsgate and seemingly wanting it to end, do nothing but continue to increase Richard Meyer’s reach.  The latest video from Meyer is a pretty good one, where he outlines the endless attacks against him and his cohorts.  The hyperbolic language coming out of half the comic industry amounts to a group of people trying to get out the front door first so they can do the best virtue signalling.  “I hate comicsgate!”  “No!  I hate it more!”  The all time best is Joe Quesada, with seemingly nothing to do, tweeting a whole bunch of stuff.  It’s a shame he didn’t have time to say, pull his employees aside and ask THEM why they have so much time to tweet.  Instead of fiddling while Rome burns, everyone’s on their phones.

I think Jack Dorsey’s greatest achievement is convincing corporations that Twitter followings mean something.  After the multiple times people have revealed the legion of accounts that are either fake or paid for, I really don’t get that.  I have a tiny group of real followers and we’re all constantly promoting to each other and rarely responding.  I mean, I try to, but I got comics to make.  Has everyone forgotten the years of getting sucked into message boards, then realizing none of the talk mattered?  It’s like the entire Internet has become one giant message board where everyone is fighting each other, claiming to be the mod.

You know you don’t have to listen to people that piss you off, right?

Speaking of pissing people off, here’s the latest Super Frat.

Validation is new.

And the Quote of the Day is from Alfred Hitchcock:

“Drama is life with the dull bits cut out.”