Hey Factory Fans!

These days, colleges are so polarized politically.  Back in my day, my college campus was barely political aware at all.  In fact, Kurt Vonnegut Jr. gave a talk my freshman year and was appalled at how it was the only campus he visited with zero protests.  The next day, my pathetic campus government organized an anti-apartheid rally for South Africa.  I think it was attended by less than ten people and that was the last time they did anything while I was there!

Got another positive review of my book at Amazon!  C’mon Barnes and Noble, let’s see a review!

At Super Frat, it’s Rewritten Headlines.

And the Quote of the Day is from Robin Williams:

“I don’t have a college degree, and my father didn’t have a college degree, so when my son, Zachary, graduated from college, I said, ‘My boy’s got learnin’!'”