Hey Factory Fans!

The status quo here at the Webcomic Factory, so far, is holding.  Big changes going on in my life behind-the-scenes, but that story is for another time.  Just rest assured I will continue to post, even if it seems sometimes that I’m late or post at weird times.  Believe me, it’s weird times for me!

Check out the cool stuff at Harold George’s blog.

Super Frat has Ten Things I Expect Arnold Schwarzenegger to do after the Apprentice.

Not sure what happened to my Friday post, but don’t miss Xcelsior’s Hit Girlz, The Continentals, G.A.A.K. and Chevalier.  Also, check out their Indegogo campaign.

And the Quote of the Day is from Harold Pinter:

“Most of the press is in league with government, or with the status quo.”