Hey Factory Fans!

At Super Frat today, it’s Your Fratoscope.  But I also got an interesting response to yesterday’s post on Super Frat, Guess What Happened to Me.  I was talking about how your political views can torpedo your aspirations in creative endeavors.  It was from fellow comics creator, Gwen Patton, via Google Plus and I felt it was very worthy of the Quote of the Day:

“This is one reason why my comic is on hiatus. When all of the comic artists who inspired me to start my own in the first place would curse and revile me, not for anything I’ve done, or because of my work, but instead because I don’t believe the same way they do…

That bothers me a lot. I watch so many comic creators, from little webcomics to DC and Marvel, making unhelpful and hurtful political statements, and it makes me sad. I love Firefly, and adore Dr. Horrible, but watching Joss Whedon just melting down because Trump was elected just makes me shake my head. Worse, some of these people I look up to, and wish I could meet them and possibly learn from them…but I know that I would have to hide most of who I am and what I believe just to keep them from getting angry with me and possibly even deciding they don’t like me. If it’s because of who I am, or what I did, that’s fine — I’ll own my own actions. But when someone chooses to revile me because I don’t share their political choices, that strikes me as hypocritical and unfair.

I didn’t support Trump either. I didn’t vote for him. But I didn’t vote for Hillary, either, because I simply couldn’t support someone that dishonest, and who doesn’t share my basic love of individual freedom and responsibility. These days, though, the adage If you’re not with us, you’re against us just seems to rule the minds of so many people whose work I love, and that makes me angry, hurt, and above all, disillusioned.

So you’re not alone.”

Well said Gwen!