Hey Factory Fans!

Such a great term, “Self-Righteous”, and it can apply to so many people!  (Yours truly as well.)  It’s not an easy thing to admit and man, we people are in the throes of a self-righteous, soap box fit, there’s no stopping them.  Evidence to the contrary be damned.  The most recent example in comics is the announcement of Archie Comics going to Kickstarter and certain well-known creators crying about it.  Yeah, it must really suck to have people with more money and name recognition suck away all the donations.  Wonder what that’s like?

But really, Archie Comics?  One of the must successful comic book companies in history?  Begging for fan money?  It’s just embarrassing in my view.  I think you need your head examined to donate to something like that.  What next?  Donating to the Heinz company for the new ketchups?  Or Goldman Sachs for the best stock advice?  Kickstarter should really be for poor artists.  Noobs, mostly.  That’s when it was cool.  Before Hollywood celebrities started begging.

Oh, damn.  I got on my soap box.  See how insidious being self-righteous can be?  Moving on.

Picked up a new sponsor that you must hear about ASAP, it’s the Atlantic City Boardwalk Con.  Nice folks.  Don’t miss it this weekend.  It’s the con that reaches the beaches!  (Because it’s basically on the beach.)  And speaking of cons, don’t miss the Philly Comic-Con, Philadelphia’s oldest running convention.  Tons of cheap comic books.  I’ve done the show a bunch of times and it is not to be missed.  Finally, our old stalwart, MyDigitalComics.com, with tons of digital downloads, most of them free!

Today on Super Frat, it’s a new strip called The State of Print.

There’s also a new strip at Johnson & Sir.

And the Quote of the Day is from Caitlan Moran:

I can’t think of anything I hate more than a former punk – they are the most self-righteous people in the world.