Hey Factory Fans!

No, I am not at Wizard World Philly this weekend.  Sorry.  Next year probably.  I need to concentrate on a few things at Webcomic Factory HQ and we don’t have anything new to sell anyways.  Next year, I’m planning on putting some stuff in print (comic gods willing).  If you’d like to pretend you saw me this weekend, just drop me an email.  And just for a mere $8.95 plus $1 for shipping, you can get yourself a signed copy of Post Apocalyptic Nick.  Or drop by my old store, for other goodies.  It’ll be just like we met at the con, only you don’t have to pay a fortune at the door and buy overpriced munchies and stand in line for an autograph!

At Super Frat today it’s Ira’s Drunk Recipes: Cheeseburger.

And the Quote of the Day is from Alan Moore:

It may be true that the only reason the comic book industry now exists is for this purpose, to create characters for movies, board games and other types of merchandise.”