Hey Factory Fans!

I sympathize with Jarrid Tansey.  I had a delivery that was for a kid’s party and the total was $98 and change.  The woman asked me to place the pizzas out on the table for her and then she had the nerve to ask me for change.  I told her it was back at the pizza parlor.  These car dealer guys really went the extra mile trying to humiliate the guy.  Bad form.  Very bad.  Who doesn’t know this yet?  Tip your pizza guy.  What’s a proper tip, you ask?

Well, drivers usually get paid a fee for the delivery and then tips.  I got a buck a delivery, some also get a wage on top of that, some get less.  I would assume you need at least to throw a buck, plus the change.  MINIMUM.  These days, I’d go at least two.  20% is a good tip.  Five bucks on a $25 order.  Really, anything over three is decent.  Five and up is good.  Ten and up is great and twenty and up is going to give the driver a story back at the store.  Personally, I drive to pick up my own stuff on most occasions and on the rare times I get delivery, I go around 20%.  If you’re going to be lazy, tip.

At Super Frat today it’s Rewritten Headlines:  American Sniper to Teen Smokers.

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And the Quote of the Day is from Phil Donahue:

“I tip like crazy. They’ll remember me. Celebrity can be expensive.”