Laurel Springs, NJ:  The Webcomic Factory announces its latest webcomic offering, East Coast vs. West Coast, featuring Shanda the Panda artist, Jerry Loomis and written by Christian Beranek and Tony DiGerolamo.

“This is a webcomic Christian and I have been talking about for a while,” says DiGerolamo.  “We really wanted to explore the contrasts between the East and West Coast cultures since we both lived on both coasts at one time or another.”

East Coast vs. West Coast is a two-panel, weekly comic that compares the behavior and norms of the two regions in the United States.

“Mostly we’re focusing on the Southern California, Los Angeles area for one and the New York/New Jersey for the other,” says DiGerolamo, a New Jersey native.  “I think it’s really going to play into our current audience, much of which comes from those regions.”

East Coast vs. West Coast premieres on Sunday, March 10, 2013 at midnight and will appear weekly on the Webcomic Factory at

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