Laurel Springs, NJ:  The Webcomic Factory announces it’s latest webcomic offering, Gun Culture, written by Tony DiGerolamo and illustrated by artist, Yi Weng.

“I had written a gun joke in Post Apocalyptic Nick that got a great response in the gun community,” says DiGerolamo.  “That’s sort of what inspired me to write a webcomic like this.  I think responsible gun owners get a bad rap.”

Gun Culture centers around a group of characters that are part of the El Rancho Gun Club in Arizona.  The main character, Jim Puckle, joins the club with his son, Toby, who happens to be an amazing shot.  Moses Brown, the club president, becomes Toby’s shooting mentor.

“But Toby is a bit of a rebellious kid because his parents’ are divorced,” says DiGerolamo.  “The strip is going to be a comedy, but one very grounded in reality.”

Gun Culture premieres on the Webcomic Factory at 12:01am on Saturday.  To see a preview of some of the characters and Yi Weng’s art, visit the Webcomic Factory at

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