Hey Factory Fans:

Today at Super Frat, it’s Ten Things You’ll Never See on Sons of Anarchy and Tony D’s DVD Reviews in Haiku.

Also, Intervention Con is just around the corner and I can’t wait!  If you haven’t been to the convention, you should really go, especially if you’re a webcomic creator.  And if you do go, remember, hit up all the panels.  Unlike a lot of comic shows, I find them very informative.  And if you’re an exhibitor, make sure you always have something with your website URL on it.  Whether you use giveaways like stress balls, frisbees, coolers or sunglasses.  Or even just a little business card-size piece of paper, have something hand out with your website on it.  It’s crucial to get fans to take home your link so they will go home and click.

Look for me at the Webcomic Factory table.  We’ll be promoting our Post Apocalyptic Nick Kickstarter project.  See you there!