Hey Factory Fans!

My good friend, Bill, runs Frankenstein Comics in Woodbury, NJ.  He is having a most amazing sale in September.  He’s calling his March Madness in September sale.  Now, if you’re a comic collector, I’m telling you—  You gotta go to Bill store.  You can get such an amazing deal on comics with him.  I visited his comic show a while back and I’ve never seen so many fanboys pouring over white boxes.  Not in years.  So here’s what’s going on.

The sale starts Wednesday, September 5th.  If you buy 10 comics for a dollar each, you get 10 free.

On Thursday, the 6th, it’s 10 comics for a dollar each and you get 20 free.

On Friday, the 7th, same deal but 30 free.  On Saturday the 8th, same deal, but 40 free.

On Sunday, the 9th, 10 comics for a dollar each and 90 free.  That’s 100 comics for ten bucks, while supplies last.  Click the link for all the details.

Bill’s stock isn’t 90’s Image comics, he’s got quality comics.  Seriously, I’ve seen stuff in his store I knew existed, but I’ve only seen at his place.  And I never see his customers walk out empty handed.  If you’re a collector, this is a chance to fill in your runs of stuff and get an amazing deal.  Plus you’ll be supporting us and, Bill’s a really good guy.  So help us out fans, click the link, email Bill, make your plans to visit his shop and tell him The Webcomic Factory sent you!