The Webcomic Factory Launches Tales of Pizza

From the Webcomic Factory:  Tony DiGerolamo, writer for Bongo Comics and creator of Super Frat has announced the latest offering from The Webcomic Factory, a new webcomic called Tales of Pizza.
“It’s based on my adventures as a bitter pizza delivery boy,” says DiGerolamo.  “I was young and angry and annoyed to be delivering pizzas.”
Tales of Pizza’s main protagonist is Mitch Pepper.  Mitch is constantly annoyed by his demanding customers, his dim witted co-workers and his sketchy boss.  Artist, Tim Racadio is the illustrator.
“Tim is based out of Oklahoma,” says DiGerolamo.  “He’s a new talent that I’m exciting to be working with.”
T of P begins posting March 25th at midnight on The Webcomic Factory at  The webcomic is updated weekly and is part of the daily line up of comics at the Factory.

Tony DiGerolamo
PO Box 552
Stratford, NJ 08084