The Webcomic Factory Launches As the Mayo Turns

 From the Webcomic Factory:  The Webcomic Factory launches their first photo webcomic, As The Mayo Turns.  The webcomic is a soap opera starring the condiments at St. Freon’s Hospital.

“This is going to be completely new territory for the Webcomic Factory,” says As the Mayo Turns creator, Tony DiGerolamo.  “Photo webcomics are an important part of the webcomics community.  It’s interesting to play with the angles and the props.  After writing comics for so many years, it’s exciting to be an important part of the visuals.”

The costumes are designed by Sharon DiGerolamo, Tony’s wife.  “I also have to thank Chris Moreno, artist for Super Frat.” says Tony.  “He gave me some great suggestions on what materials for us to use.  Back in the day, Chris and his brother made some cool costumes for Halloween.”

Read Tony’s bio here:
The first strip will be available at this link at midnight on January 7th:

Tony DiGerolamo
PO Box 552
Stratford, NJ 08084
thefixisin (at) comcast (dot) net