Hey Factory Fans!

Mike is back this week with another awesome Miserable Comedians!  Surprise!

A quick note about the strip, I’ve generally had positive experiences with comedy improv.  This strip kind of represents the negative.  One of the guys who quit my group while we were changing from a short form to a long form group started referring to the group as a “cult”, which is why I did that title.  It wasn’t a cult, but when you work with people in a creative endeavor for a long time, you sometimes get to know them a little too well.  And some of the touchy-feely acting exercises do see pretty weird, but over the years, I learned that many of them actually work.  There was also a little friction between people with stand up backgrounds and those in improv.  Some never wanted the two to cross paths, but they’re actually quite close in many ways.  Anyhow, just FYI.

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