Name: Little Jimmy

First Appearance:  Dealers #1

Description: Little Jimmy is the co-owner of Jimmies Comics with his friend, Big Jimmy.  Little Jimmy represents the epitome of the self-hating geek.   Early in his life, he was teased and humiliated about his geeky lifestyle, especially since he played Dungeons and Dragons.  And now, although he’s still a geek, he’s done to others just what those outside his hobbies did to him.  As Little Jimmy sees it, there is “cool” geek stuff and “nerdy” geek stuff.  Therefore, all his hobbies are now ruthlessly aimed at the most successful ones.  In the late 90’s, it was all about the toys.  Tease him about anything else and the hate just explodes out of him, but it’s really about hating himself for not being cool.