Name: Juan Pablo Wansidler

Age: 46 years old

I was born and live in Argentina. I have been married for 10 years to Patri, my beautiful wife.  She has a pair of brown eyes that turn green when days get cloudy. We have a 4 year old daughter named Ailin, she is a fervent fan of  “Tales from the Crypt” and “Iron Man”.

The Wansidler Family

When I was 4 years old, I was already able to read and write. The first comics I owned were very childish but then I had the opportunity to put my hands on an issue of Batman and one of Toruk. That changed the way I used to see the comics.

At the age of 6, I wrote my first script. A mad scientist had extracted dinosaur blood from an old fossil.  He started injecting skinny lizards with it, transforming them into horrible monsters. After that I watched Jurassic Park and said “I was this close!”.

I am a mechanic technician because of my father; he made me study that career against my will. I am not upset with him, because I have learned a lot of things about perspective by studying it. After that, I started the Art University and finished. I am a graphic animator, script writer, illustrator, character and scenography designer, storyboard artist and creator and designer of graphic and video games.

My favourite genre has been always horror. When I was young, one of my first jobs was in a mortuary and when I had free time I used to draw the faces of dead people.

I really like drawing, and when I start creating, the time around me freezes.I am a creative mind at first, and then an artist.

Juan and his students

Right now I am the teacher of more than 50 pupils. Many of them have been selected by the Japanese consul to study animation at Japanese Universities; others are working right now for local and North American editors.   I have many pupils that entrust their university partners to me, so they can learn more about anatomy and perspective.

I also worked as:

Puppet designer

Card designer

Graphic designer

Tale books for children illustrator

Professor at Belgrano University

Humor artist

Animation artist

Right now I am writing and designing a suspense graphic novel, and working on 4 more horror stories to show to IDW editorial.

If you had to make me choose between paper and digital, I prefer paper. However, I think that digital is the future. When the E-Books reach the masses, the magazine industry will come to an end. Also, it will be more efficient ecologically, because it will cease the cut of trees for paper. We are getting used to reading from our monitors really quick.  I always keep in mind that many of the batteries that make this possible also cause pollution.

Finding a way to make money with the edition of the e-comics on the web, is a challenge for the editors, who always have to be one step ahead searching for creative originality.  The public demand for projects of high quality will continue to drive this.

The editor has to be like an orchestra conductor, taking care of the sound of the instruments, watching the scores and dictating the right times for the orchestra to succeed.  On the other hand, if he closes to himself to new possibilities, the project will suffer and then succumb to the failure.

I am glad to work here; I hope that we succeed and that our conductors guide us to be the best visual orchestra with an unforgettable melody of art and colours.