Hello Factory Fans and welcome to a new feature here on the site: CB’s Life of High Adventure! Christian Beranek, co-founder of The Webcomic Factory, is a world traveler and man of action. He will do whatever is necessary to bring the good word of webcomics to the people.

This feature will not only document his current and future expeditions, but also archive past exploits!

So sit back and enjoy The Life of High Adventure!

In this first installment CB recounts his trip to Florida during the fall of 2005…

CB’s Life of High Adventure #1: Here Comes the Story of A Hurricane Part 1

Life is full of adventure, my trusted readers. You can’t escape it! Every moment begs to be challenged. Life itself presents this. And when you are born with comics in your blood the thirst for adventure propels you to create your own sequential tales. And having had created such tomes of wonder, you’ll do whatever it takes to get the message out about your precious words and pictures to the people.

Yes readers, a comic creator hellbent on their own desire to shine bright will travel to any comic book store and/or convention that will let them set up and hawk their wares!

Let’s flash back to 2005, when The Webcomic Factory was just a dream, like Camelot. I was about to set out on a quest to tell the world about my latest endeavor: Dracula vs. King Arthur (you can read the webcomic version of it HERE.) Issue one had just debuted and was receiving some press. Sales were decent but I knew we could do more. Much more. People had to know about it. And where were the people at? Out there, of course!

So I decided it was my duty as a comic creator to take it upon myself to spread the good word! I drove across the United States from east to west, north to south, sideways to upside-downways, stopping at comic shops along the way. I scraped money (including change from under couches) to buy plane tickets to go to conventions, bunking up with my fellow comic book road warriors. We ate bad pizza, drank cheap booze, stayed out late and woke up early to get the chance to bring at least one person on board to the indie comic cause.

The spring showed hope. The summer was hot. When the fall approached I sought a warm and friendly place to shake hands and share comic goodwill.

And where did I choose to go? Well Florida, of course…. During hurricane season… I thought “How bad could it be?”

Oh how bad, indeed.

To be continued!