Name: Grub

First Appearance: Miserable Comedians #3

Description: Grub is a young comic that still doesn’t know the ropes.  He’s earnest and genuine, but is constantly being burned by Vic and Donner.  Grub assumes that since he’s nice to them, they should be nice to him, a fatal mistake.  Grub is constantly showing his soft, vulnerable underbelly, and Vic and Donner delight in jabbing it.

Deep down, Vic and Donner see themselves in Grub, but they are too bitter and miserable to actually help him.  Grub isn’t that talented yet, but he does have some raw talent.  Combined with the fact that he is fat, it’s quite possible he could zoom right by Vic and Donner.  Comedy is, after all, a young man’s game.  This is another reason they merciless torture poor Grub.  This cycle of abuse is likely to continue when Grub is older and meets the next generation of comics.