Over the past few years, Thomas Mauer has worked as a letterer, designer, art director, and editor for a wide variety of publishers including AAM/Markosia, Archaia Studio Press, Dark Horse Comics, Image Comics, Oni Press, and Silent Devil Inc. He has had a hand in a number of Harvey and Eisner Award nominated and winning titles, including Image Comics’ POPGUN anthology series and the webcomic The Guns of Shadow Valley.

Although he wears many hats in the industry, his primary passion is lettering. While working digitally, Thomas constantly experiments to improve the ways of bringing hand lettering sensibilities to the projects he is involved in. Striving for “perfect imperfection,” his goal is to marry the lettering more organically to the artwork. To achieve this, he mixes up his lettering style depending on the artwork and nature of the project. Having perfected his workflow over the years, Thomas prides himself in turning around pages quickly while not sacrificing lettering quality.

He has been working on webcomics for years and loves that they offer a way to bring indie comics to more people than print editions can achieve, constantly increasing their readership.

More about Thomas’ work can be found on his website at