Hey Factory Fans!

Parents, you’re not fooling anyone.  I know why you brought your kid to the comic con.  You thought it would be a cheap play date for your kid, right?  Then you paid the entrance fee and glanced at the prices at the convention center snack bar and said, “Oh, crap.”  Sure, your kid got a free bag of swag, but that’s not what he wants.  He keeps pointing at collectible toys and comics that cost twice as much as in the store.  Why the Hell did you come in here again?

So you finally make your way down artists’ alley after deflecting you kid from buying anything.  Now he’s at my table looking at my comics.  You wanna buy one, not because you’ve even glanced at it, but because I have some stuff that actually sounds cheap.  Okay, I’ll take your money.  But keep your kid in line.  Don’t let him touch all my merchandise unless you’re going to buy it.  And please, don’t ask me for free stuff.  I’m at work here.

At Super Frat, it’s Twitter in Focus with Jon Daly.

And the Quote of the Day is from Plato:

Good actions give strength to ourselves and inspire good actions in others.