Hey Factory Fans!

Freelancing is a crazy life.  Never a dull moment.  Well, actually there are plenty of dull moments, but way less than people who have regular jobs.  It’s pretty exciting when you have to scramble for jobs and money, even when it’s stressful.  Or when your client is practically begging you to lie to them and tell you that what they’ve written so far is genius.  Needless to say, I’ve lost plenty a job with my big mouth!

Today at Super Frat it’s Rewritten Headlines:  NSA to Taco Bell.

And the Quote of the Day is from Harvey Pekar:

“I have to be a freelance writer for the rest of my life, unless I get some kind of real lucky break. But other than that, I’ll always have to work. I always worry about whether my stuff is going to get over. Will they like this, will they like that?”