Factory Fans:

My ISP is the absolute worst.  Gotta change it and change it soon.  This is the third time in a week that I’m on the phone to these bozos.  I’ve heard so many recordings, I really just want to smash my cellphone.  I’ve missed emails, phone calls, TV shows—  It’s like I’m living in a God damned analog cave.  (Actually, the service via actual wires was better.)  If anyone has a better ISP in the South Jersey area, feel free to shoot me an email.  I’m desperate to dump my current one.

Validation is new.

Atomic Milkshakes is new.

At Super Frat it’s Life Skills for Fanbys:  Success Kills.

And the Quote of the Day is from Friedrich Nietzsche:

“The essence of all beautiful art, all great art, is gratitude.”