Happy Labor Day Factory Fans!

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At Super Frat, Frat Boy At the Movies reviews The World’s End.

And the Quote of the Day is from Joe Casey via About.com:

“The fact is, freelancers are treated “poorly” only when they open themselves up for that treatment. I’ve done it in the past, and hopefully I’ve learned my lessons. If a publisher offers you a shitty deal, don’t take it. After ten years of writing comics and getting my work out there… there’s no one project that’s make-or-break with me anymore. Sometimes people I work with don’t quite get that, and have tried to somehow hold me hostage by what they think is my own burning desire — that “I’ll do anything”-desire” — to see a project come to fruition. But I’m just not desperate like that, and I have no intention of bending over for anyone just to get any one project out there.”